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Our Coin Purses


IMG_20220418_102907 (Copy).jpg

Chalawan was designed to bring a bit of money and a few cards everywhere you go. It is a practical and multiuse design, usually made of upcycled advertising banner or truck cover.

Dimensions:  10cm x 11cm


"Capella" is quite similar to the "Chalawan" coin purse but distinguishes itself by its smaller size and the material used for its making. It is made of upcycled kites and measured to fit exactly card's dimensions. So you'll be able to bring with you a few cards and a bit of money while carrying the tiniest item possible.


Dimensions: 11cm x 8cm

IMG_20221012_151105_282 (Copy).jpg


IMG_20210317_151512_930 (Copy).jpg

"Polaris" coin purse is entirely handstitched and made of broken boat fenders (buoys) which gives it its peculiar rigidity. The flap is made of leather leftovers.

This unique coin purse is the perfect gift for sailing and boating lovers. 


Dimensions: 10cm x 9cm

IMG_20210929_102000_298 (Copy).jpg
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