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“Kâla Upcycling” was born on board of “Kâla” after four years of liveaboard sailing and discovering the Canary Islands.

All began with a boat. A classic sailboat from the sixties – named Kâla – which represented the dream of a slower life on the ocean for its crew.


Along the journey, the crew began to find in the different ports and mooring of the islands a lot of leftovers coming from the nautical industry which were destined to end up in the garbage. And the creativity woke up !!


The firsts were small hand stitched accessories made of broken boat fenders. But not so long later, during the winter of 2018 the crew took the leap and got its very first heavy-duty sewing machine. Learning a bit every day, by tries and errors and after long days of sewing – unsewing – and sewing again the very firsts upcycled rib-boat floaters bag were born. And quite quickly a collection of completely unique bags and accessories was ready.

The Kâla

_0017555 (Copy).jpg

The Designer & maker

_0017236 (Copy).jpg

- Amalia -

Self-taught sewer, trash accumulator and improvised web designer... Amalia learned about sewing and design (and a little of a lot of other things) through the project.

Today, Kâla is still sailing with its new crew. And the bags and accessories production moved from the boat's cockpit to a little, modest but practical workshop where the brand can keep growing and the materials to upcycle can be stored. A beautiful network also started to grow made of motivated persons and business who wants to offer these unique creations to their customers or which chose to upcycle their old gears directly through “Kâla Upcycling”.

Learn more about it in the “Collaborations” section.

"Kâla Upcycling" on land

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