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Our Materials

All our products are handcraftes from any material we can find to upcycle. Working those materials is actually the first step in the creative making of our designs.


A huge part of the time invested in our creations is actually dedicated to finding, cleaning and preparing the materials we want to upcycle into a brand new product. Note that depending on the origin of the materials used, those can carry some small marks or stains from their former lives.


Ribboat Fabric

The fabric of the floater and inside air chambers of ribboats, usually pvc or neoprene, is one of the materials we use the most.

We generally upcycle ribboats directly donated by private owners.



Boat Fenders

Boat fenders are the buoys used to protect the hull of any boat. You can usually see them hanging on the sides of the boat when in a harbour.

From the broken ones, we produce essentially small accessories that are hand pierced and stitched. It has te be done manually due to the thickness and density of the material.



The liferafts are self-inflatable small boats carried onboard of numerous ships. They are to be used in case of sinking.


We upclycle those from a local nautical school that uses them to teach courses. 

Some of our creations are made from its floaters, roof, floor and stabilizing bags (hanging below the raft on the picture).


Diving Gear

We use mostly former buoyancy control devices (BCD) and decompression buoys.

We get those equipments from several local diving centers and a few private owners.

We use the fabric of the BCDs but also the plastic rings, fasteners and release buckles to create our bags.


And more.

Making a exhaustive list of the materials we use would be impossible as we try to be guided by the things we find every day.


Nevertheless, we could add here the leather leftovers we use for decorating and making our nametags (hand carved), some beach inflatables and other colorful advertising banners that give a fun touch to our creations.

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